Thursday, 11 July 2013

Cloud Computing : Opening new possibilities for your data storage

Cloud Computing has emerged as a term that has changed software technology. It describes different computing concepts involving many computers which are inter-connected through a communication network like Internet.
Cloud Computing is not just a mere term but it is an innovation in software technology by which
software programs are transformed into services, and not just as products. Worldwide market of Cloud Computing and relative adoption of various types of cloud services has increased. It owes its popularity in the market for selling hosted services which can run client server software on a remote location like ‘Platform as a Service’ (PaaS) and ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS). Apart from this, cloud based applications can be accessed by end users through a mobile app, light weight desktop or a web browser. Universal availability of storage devices, adoption of hardware virtualization, high capacity networks, low cost computers, service-oriented architecture, autonomic and utility computing have led to a growth in Cloud Computing.
For consumers using software programs, Cloud Technology has opened up new possibilities and it has started attaching to their everyday lives. Although with advancement in technology, Cloud Computing has grown to its peak but there are many people who feel that this technology will fade with time and it poses a major threat to traditional IT. This would impact server market posing a high risk to traditional vendors like HP. Due to security reasons many enterprises have pushed back on Cloud Computing but this resistance will come to an end soon. There is a major change experienced in what has been computed in past years and still core applications, other IT services, computing and storage have started moving towards public clouds although slowly but it is continuous and steady. Thus, traditional vendors who sell technology and those who consume this technology will need to prepare themselves to the rise of cloud technology.

Many think that Cloud Technology would never fade as it rules the trend and offers many benefits like helping consumers to conduct quick online collaboration through Virtual file sharing and other collaborating tools. One can make changes and save files on the spot which is more convenient and speeds up the time to complete a particular task or project. Accessibility of virtual offices has increased with coming up of this technology. Also, CloudComputing offers help to artists and has become their favorite as its applications like ‘SaaS’ caters to the needs of modern artistic community. Apart from these it also increases business flexibility and number of apps consumed in the market has also increased due to the same. Thus, with market’s growing and continuous consumption of end products, Cloud Technology has not just remained as a mere trend but has come up to stay and expand its horizons. 

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